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Branding & Corporate Identity

The objective of branding is to instill trust and create a connection with your target audience. When you brand right, your potential customers will immediately recognize your business, your service, and the value you offer.

A successful brand is consistent in the message it communicates. It is part of your identity. It tells your potential clients why they should work with you and reminds your current clients why they chose you and should be loyal to your business.

Be sure to download the E-Book "Marketing Success Made Possible", my FREE gift to you. Analyze it, take notes, then make an appointment with me so we can evaluate your brand or brainstorm towards your brand creation. We will explore What You Stand For and the most effective ways to communicate it to your prospects.

Corporate Design: refers to the creative, visual representation of your brand. It is critical to effectively name your brand and choose colors, fonts and icons/images that truly express your value.

Corporate Behavior: delineates what you (or your organization) believe in. This aspect allows you to really put into words why you do what you do and how you do it and allows you to really connect with your audience at an emotional level, answering their expected question: why should I do business with you?

Corporate Communication: refers to how you present your company/product/service to the media. By crafting creative materials that educate and create trust and emotional attachment, you can influence a prospect's buying decision.

Share your brand ideas with me e-mail me at ceo@designed2impress.com and, together, we will decipher your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and formulate your marketing core message and deliver it through copy and images that impact and make act.

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